Griveaux ensures that France will no longer use glyphosate within three years

France’s exit from the use of glyphosate by 2021 is “a clear commitment” from Emmanuel Macron, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said on Tuesday, assuring that “it will be done” even if it is not is not “enshrined in law”.

“The commitment of the President of the Republic on the exit of glyphosate in three years is a clear commitment”, he declared on Franceinfo, after the rejection overnight of the amendments, including LREM, aimed at engraving in the agriculture and food law the release of glyphosate in 2021.

“We said that we were going to work with all the sectors, that we were going to entrust INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research, editor’s note) with finding alternative solutions to the use of glyphosate”, he recalled.

“The high dragee to its European partners”

“France held high to its European partners”, he added, stressing that if the recommendation of the European Commission had been followed, “it was ten years” before seeing an exit. “We have reduced to five years at European level, and the President of the Republic has made a commitment that it will be three years in France; it will be done, it will be done in partnership with industrialists,” assured Mr. Griveaux.

Inscribing “things in the law (…) is not the guarantee that it will happen”, he estimated: “Let us have a little confidence, let us permanently stop thinking that the constraint, the sanction, are the the only means of conducting effective public policies “.

While it was pointed out to him that the rejection of the amendments constituted an “additional humiliation” for the Minister of Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot, the government spokesman pointed out “the advances in addition” that the law includes and estimated that ‘”we are always attached to detail, to the foam, and very little to the current”.

“Nicolas Hulot is working with industry players and with INRA, and if we find industrial and scientific solutions to allow France to get out of glyphosate in three years, everyone will have gained,” he concluded. .

(With AFP)