States general of food: Travert tracks to arrive at a fair price for farmers

The government “does not rule out adjusting” the law on the modernization of the economy (LME), which governs trade negotiations between distributors and manufacturers, in order to arrive at a fair price for farmers’ products, says the Minister. Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Travert, in an interview with Le Figaro.

“Producers’ organizations must be able to negotiate prices allowing them to make a living from their profession,” he said in this interview in the Monday, August 28 edition, the day of launch of the workshops of the States General of the food. “There are provisions of the Sapin II law that must be used, others that must be amended: a parliamentary mission will assess this at the end of the year,” said the minister.

“We do not rule out adjusting the 2008 LME either,” he added. “If necessary, we could go through orders or decrees to be operational quickly and give a signal for the resumption of annual trade negotiations in mid-October”, he also suggested, indicating that then it would return to the sectors of take advantage of the tools made available to them.

“Strengthen the means of health monitoring”

Also questioned on the crisis of contaminated eggs, Mr. Travert indicated that he would receive “the representatives of the sector in the coming days to make an update with them” about amitraz, a prohibited insecticide and of which traces are currently sought after in French eggs because it has been used in “a few French farms” of hens.

Mr. Travert considered that it was necessary “to strengthen the means of sanitary monitoring at European level” and indicated that he asked for the management measures of contaminated livestock and food products to be “harmonized”. A communication is planned at the informal summit of European agriculture ministers in Tallinn in early September and a meeting will take place at the European Commission on September 26, he said.

(With AFP)