Weakened by bird flu, duck breeders show their fed up

Enough is enough. About fifty angry duck breeders blocked access to Auch on Wednesday June 14, in order to demand the payment of compensation intended to compensate for losses due to the bird flu epizootic. The two national roads leading to the Gers prefecture were closed, forcing vehicles to change their route, Bison Futé said.

The demonstrators, who intend to continue their demonstration throughout the day, responded to the call of the Rural Coordination of Gers and the collective “Angry Ducks”. Farmers have been severely affected by two bird flu epizootics this year and last year, some of which have resulted in their activity being suspended. They complain that they have not received payment for all of the planned compensation.

“Today, there is an emergency,” explained Lionel Candelon, spokesperson for the independent collective Les Canards en Angre. “The pastoralists have had no income for six months. We have a social and economic tsunami which gives rise to great fear that a farmer will commit suicide,” he adds. “194 days without income”, it was written on one of the banners held out by the demonstrators around Auch.

Effects of bird flu

“The anger of the breeders continues to grow. While they have carried out the work to bring them up to standard and have submitted to crawl spaces, they must, at the same time, always face delays in the payment of compensation due. compensate for the losses caused by the episodes of avian flu (2016 and 2017), late payment of the balance of CAP 2016 aid, etc. This cannot go on any longer, “said the Rural Coordination in a press release.

The Ministry of Health clarified that, for 2016, advances were paid up to 70% of the estimated compensation amount. The payment of the balance will be made “from mid-June and will continue in the weeks which follow”, informed the ministry in a press release.

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As for payments for 2017, “an advance arrangement of 50% of the estimated loss has been put in place” and will begin “as early as mid-June,” the ministry added.

(with AFP)