Restaurants, decoration, hairdresser: these businesses that focus on deconfinement

“All the misfortune of men comes from a single thing, which is not knowing how to remain at rest, in a room”, according to Blaise Pascal. But, after two months of confinement, everyone dreams of escaping this confinement. And make up for lost time. “According to a survey carried out by Obsoco in mid-April, the French very much want to go back to restaurants but also to find their leisure time and to go shopping, lists the economist Philippe Moati, co-founder of this observatory of consumption . Everything will depend on their purchasing power. ” However, according to the same study, more than a third of them believe that their resources have fallen, by 25% on average.

A strong desire to return to the restaurant

In France, consumption remains a powerful engine for the economy. Its (re) rise will be crucial. “The French are worried about their health, their income and their jobs, but there will be a catch-up on deferred purchases,” said Gaëlle Le Floch, director of strategic analyzes Kantar Worlpanel. Thus, according to a Harris study for L’Oréal, 59% of French people want to go to their hairdresser as early as the week following May 11. “NOTe will help them put in place the new post-Covid procedures “, explains Nathalie Roos, general manager of the group’s professional products division.

According to Kantar, who has polled consumers several times during the pandemic, in addition to beauty products and care, travel, crafts, fashion and home equipment are the main expenses postponed. With more or less speed. “Certain new habits will set in, such as putting on less makeup,” predicts Gaëlle Le Floch. For outings with friends, the State will have a major role to play by stimulating certain expenses such as restaurant vouchers, the usage limit of which (of 19 euros per day) has just been raised to 95 euros once a week. This measure is intended to reduce the fragmentation of food shopping and therefore travel. But at the end of June it will benefit the catering sector, which has been hit hard by the crisis.

Traders will need to be inventive

One thing is certain: brands that have remained in contact with customers, with online gym classes or DIY podcasts for example, will emerge stronger from the pandemic. Even more, those who have shown solidarity in recent weeks. “There is an expectation of the French so that they play a societal role, judges Gaëlle Le Floch. Companies are supplanting more and more the political sphere.”

To restart the machine, traders will also have to be inventive. “The crisis is going to be violent,” recalls Laurent Milchior, manager of the Etam family group, of which only eight stores (out of 1,397) are open worldwide. Our teams are in a state of combat. ” The brand is preparing a plan of attack on social networks with micro-influencers. And she plans to deliver pretty baskets of clothes, complete with Brazilian bikinis and lace tops, to her best customers. “Fouta on the sofa or deckchair in the garden … We close our eyes and head for the Tropics”, suggests Etam, not without humor, in its mailings.

Interior decoration will be a huge success

But it is especially the equipment of the house that could experience overheating. After weeks of seclusion, decoration and renovation projects will multiply. Home staging, popularized by Stéphane Plaza in his television shows, has a bright future ahead of it. “It has never been so important to feel good at home,” says the Maisons du monde brand on its website. At Leroy Merlin as at Jardiland, we intend to continue the click and collect offer, launched in full confinement like the drives of mass distribution. Especially since the ban on going out has created frustrations: never has spring seemed so sunny …

Finally, “the good watch method to stimulate consumption is promotions,” recalls Philippe Moati. However, stocks will have to be sold. And planes to fly. “Whether it is to charge 9.99 euros or 99 cents per seat, we hardly care about it, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary told Reuters. Our main short-term goal is not to make money. “But to get passengers back up in grounded aircraft.