The 12 new avenues of Bercy to find savings

While Budget 2016 has not yet been completed, the government is already working on the new measures to be planned for… the following year. As part of the savings plan of 50 billion euros over three years promised in Brussels, Bercy must indeed find 14 billion euros in 2017. Twelve tracks are being studied, according to a budget yellow annexed to the draft. 2016 Finance law spotted by The echoes.

Local authorities will be targeted as a priority by this “expenditure review”. The State will scrutinize their ancillary budgets and those of their unions, the pooling of purchases, their compensation fund for VAT on investment spending (the FCTVA) as well as their assets. That is a total of 38 billion euros in spending.

State agencies and operators (such as Pôle Emploi, Météo France or the CNC) are also in the crosshairs of the Ministry of Finance. The stake is again enormous since their budget exceeds 17 billion euros. The State will pay particular attention to the payroll of these operators.

Bercy will also examine state and local government interventions in favor of sport, which represent the trifle of 13 billion euros. Overall (see the full list below), 74 billion in public spending will be combed through.

However, we should not expect a revolution. The previous review covered 57.6 billion euros of expenditure. She has so far given birth to a mouse: only 500 million euros in savings on these expenses have been approved in the 2016 Budget for the moment.

The 12 slopes of Bercy:

  • Ancillary budgets of local authorities: 22 billion euros of budgetary stake
  • The payroll of state agencies and operators: 17 billion euros
  • State and local government intervention in favor of sport: 13 billion euros
  • The local authority purchasing function: 9 billion euros
  • Management of the VAT compensation fund: 6 billion euros
  • Medical transport (by ambulance or taxi): 4.2 billion euros
  • Healthcare for insured persons abroad: 1 billion euros
  • Initial training of civil servants: 250 million euros
  • Management of agricultural aid (CAP): 250 million euros
  • The pooling of helicopter forces: 200 million euros
  • Free zones: 90 million euros
  • The heritage of communities: NC