How to find the cheapest airline tickets?

Who has not already had the feeling of seeing the price of a ticket increase day by day after their first search on the Internet? This is called IP tracking. At each consultation, the site identifies your digital signature and increases the price. However, an Internet user returns on average 6 to 7 times before finalizing his reservation … “It is an urban legend, it is strictly forbidden, assures Jean-Pierre Nadir, founder of the Easyvoyage flight comparator (Webedia). ticket changes as the plane fills up. There is a 75% chance it will increase, regardless of when you start your search. ” The more requests there are on a destination, the faster the prices fly.

There are, however, a few basic rules for finding the best rates.

“The number one principle is to book early,” says John-Lee Saez, European director of online comparator Kayak (Priceline). For Pointe-à-Pitre, the economy is 25% on average if you are there. takes seven months in advance. For New York, it reaches 27% nine months before departure, as for Tokyo but with ten months anticipation. “Another basic rule: it is better to travel on Wednesdays rather than during the weekends because planes are generally less crowded. Likewise, early morning or late evening flights are cheaper. “But the night taxi is more expensive,” says Jean-Pierre Nadir. It is to be taken into account. “

Many traps

Beware, too, of the hidden costs that inflate the final score. Low cost carriers, in particular, charge for various services that were once included. At EasyJet, choosing the location of your seat can cost more than 30 euros. Checked baggage is charged up to 120 euros on Norwegian. And changing a passenger’s name costs 110 euros with Ryanair. We must also be wary of traditional companies. According to Kayak, the cost for a flight change can reach 215 euros with Singapore Airlines.

“Travelers have a hard time navigating it, says John-Lee Saez. There are huge surprises on additional services such as the presence of a baby, up to 155 euros at Vueling, or space in addition for the legs, billed from 10 to 70 euros depending on the flight by Air France. “Be careful, finally, to the bank card fees charged by online agencies. Or meals on board on a low cost flight. But when a Paris-New York return ticket costs less than 300 euros, it can be understood. As for those who suspect companies of tracking down their IP address to increase their rates, they must resolve to change their computer or smartphone at each consultation.