SNCF, EDF, mass distribution … How French companies are organizing themselves in the face of the heat wave

Here is a brief overview of the first effects and measures already in place at a time when the majority of the territory is preparing to spend a stifling week.

Water in the station and equipment under surveillance for the SNCF

SNCF launched the “high heat” plan. Concretely, it will make available 450,000 50cl water bottles and nearly 200,000 meal boxes in stations in order to support travelers in the event of disruptions. Equipment and infrastructure are also placed under close surveillance when the thermometer climbs. The electric power cables which make it possible to run the trains being relaxed under the effect of the heat, tensioners equipped with weights are placed to compensate for this variation. The SNCF also reserves the right to limit the speed of its trains to avoid any risk: temperatures above 45 degrees can indeed dilate the rails.

Rush for air conditioners and fans

From Castorama to Fnac-Darty, the finding this weekend was unanimous: fans and air conditioners are at the top of sales. Thursday and Friday, Fnac-Darty announces, for example, an increase of 300% in sales compared to last year, when the month of June was more “normal” thermometer side. Same observation at Boulanger with a sales jump of 400% compared to usual sales. In addition to air coolers, foggers, beer or ice cube makers, also see their sales increase during heat waves.

Electricity supply will be assured

Any heat wave usually results in a peak in electricity consumption, a direct consequence of the increased use of air conditioners and fans. The high-voltage network operator RTE thus estimates that each degree above normal seasonal temperatures results in an increase in consumption of 500 MW, or the equivalent of consumption by the city of Bordeaux. RTE is nevertheless reassuring: supply will be assured without any problem.

The price of cereals already on the rise

The agricultural world is obviously on the front line when it comes to the hot weather. While waiting to see the consequences of this heat wave on herds, farms and crops, the price of cereals is already rising. Experts remain optimistic for the time being, if the heatwave only lasts a few days, crop yields should not be greatly affected.

Bottled water: don’t panic

“Yes, there is water for the whole summer,” assured Michel-Edouard Leclerc, boss of the large distribution group of the same name, interviewed Monday on LCI. But, he warns, beware of the “buzz”: “it suffices that at the start of the season there is a kind of fear, a collective movement which makes people go to stockpile: there, of course, there may be a problem at the end of July “. In the meantime, department stores risk serving as a refuge to avoid extreme heat, as the Paris City Hall has already recommended. “It is necessary to spend time in a cool place: cinemas, museums, libraries, supermarkets,” the city said in a statement.

Increased vigilance in the building

The Minister of the City and Housing Julien Denormandie and the President of the French Building Federation Jacques Chanut have announced measures for the sector. The first of these concerns the shifting of workers’ schedules to perform the heaviest tasks at cooler hours. In addition, each employee is entitled to three liters of fresh water per day to quench his thirst.

(With AFP)