Pensions: the fundraising conference launched on January 30

The funding conference, which is to bring together the social partners in order to find before the end of April the means to guarantee the financial balance of the pension system by 2027, will be launched on January 30, said Edouard Philippe on Thursday in an interview with La Cross.

“This funding conference will be launched on January 30 at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. I am hopeful that it will lead to something intelligent and responsible”, explained the Prime Minister, while refusing to launch tracks other than those of the pivotal age, “because if I start to evoke this or that instrument, I destroy to nothing the interest of this conference”.

“I moved by removing the pivot age”

In this interview given to the Catholic daily on the eve of the adoption of the reform project in the Council of Ministers, and of a new day of trade union action and a call to strike, the head of government defended the “good compromise “found with the reformist unions. “I moved by removing the pivotal age. Trade unions, including the CFDT, have moved on their side” by admitting the principle of a return to balance.

“I have always said that it seemed to me impossible to bring our retirement system back to balance without an age measure (…) But if the social partners agree on a cocktail of measures, including a different age measurement from the pivotal age, I will take it, “he argued.

On the other hand, he deplored that other trade union organizations “absolutely do not want this reform”. “Do not lead it because we know that they have blocking capacities, that is not democracy,” he warned, however, reiterating his condemnation of “all the actions that take place. exercise outside the right to strike, such as blockages or wild cuts of electricity “, which are” illegal and must be subject to sanctions “.

“Complex and anxiety-inducing”

The Prime Minister again defended the principle of the universal pension system, which according to him will “live a very long time”. While acknowledging that the theme of pensions is “complex and anxiety-provoking”, he says he believes “that the massively redistributive nature of this reform of social progress will be understood and approved”.

“I say it with a smile, but I wish good luck to the Prime Minister who, in the future, would propose to break the universal system into forty-two regimes, some of which would not be balanced, and for which it would be necessary to pay so that their insureds work less than others, ”he quipped.

The fundraising conference “is good news for those who believe in social democracy,” commented on France Info Stanislas Guerini, the leader of the majority LREM party.

(With AFP)