Tax Niches: Darmanin calls for support from employers

The Minister of Public Accounts Gerald Darmanin on Monday, April 29 called on employers to support the reduction of tax loopholes on companies, decided to finance the reduction in income tax, considering that this measure was “in the direction of general interest”.

“Since the start of the five-year term, we have made a lot of tax cuts. We are doing it for individuals (…) and also for companies and for capital,” said Mr. Darmanin on Europe 1, citing in particular the creation of the “flat tax” on capital income and the reduction in corporation tax.

“It is now necessary that everyone can go in the direction of the nation, in the direction of the general interest, in the direction of the workers and of the labor force, as Karl Marx would perhaps say”, added the minister. “The employers today must understand that after having helped companies in France a lot, we also need them to be able to support us in reducing taxes”, he insisted.

Anger of CPME

President Emmanuel Macron announced last Thursday the removal of “certain tax loopholes for companies” in order to partially finance the five billion euros in income tax cuts, announced at the end of the great national debate.

This announcement provoked the anger of the CPME, for whom Emmanuel Macron did not hear “the fiscal fed-up” of small businesses, but also of Medef, who denounced an “unacceptable” decision while “companies French countries have the highest compulsory tax rate among OECD countries “.

Asked about the tax loopholes that could be targeted, Gérald Darmanin refused on Monday to reveal the exact intentions of the government, recalling that a meeting on the subject was scheduled this week between employers’ organizations and the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire .

“There are 40 billion euros in tax loopholes for companies (…) Out of 40 billion niches, we must be able to find a few hundred million euros”, he nevertheless declared, judging possible of “probably better distributing the drop in taxation”.

(With AFP)